How do you know if your mango is ripe?

You can check if your mango is ripe is by smelling near the stem end - it should have a strong fruity odour. If you don't smell anything then it is probably still not ripe.

You can also check if your mango is ripe by gently squeezing it - when you apply light pressure it should be soft. If the mango is still hard then it isn't ripe enough yet. If the mango is squishy then it is overripe.

    The colour of mangoes varies based on the variety - it is best not to go by colour to determine if a mango is ripe.

    Once ripe, mangoes should be moved to the refrigerator, which will help keep them fresh but should be eaten in about 5 days when ripened.

    How to ripen your mango

    Keep unripe mangoes at room temperature (they will become sweeter and softer over several days) - don't refrigerate them before they are ripe though, they won't ripen in chilly conditions.

    To speed up ripening you can place mangoes in a paper bag or newspaper at room temperature or you can also use a banana to ripen a mango (or any other fruit, see why that works here).