Seasonal veg box

- £-13.99
  • £13.99 each

Our veg box contains great veg from potatoes, tomatoes, to butternut squash, the perfect box to make tasty meals.

We fill our boxes with the freshest veggies that we find so the contents and amounts could vary depending on availability and quality, but you could expect to find in this box at the moment:

1 x aubergine

1 x bunch coriander

125g x bobby beans

1 x bunch parsley

1 x broccoli

1 x lettuce

1 x butternut squash

125g button mushroom

3 x carrots

2 x small onions

1 x celery

1 x red onion

1 x red chilli (medium heat)

1 x shallot onion

30g x green chilli

1 x green pepper

1 x courgette green

3 x potatoes

1 x cucumber

200g x baby potatoes

1 x garlic

1 x bunch spinach

100g ginger

1 x spring onion bunch

1 x cherry tomato punnet

1 x sweet potato orange

1 x bunch vine tomatoes


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